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The Wise Aging Resource and Support Group provides a forum for discussion, support, education, and sharing ageing related resources for residents of Lincoln Hills. 

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Be Prepared

Phone Numbers


Identify if you need medical response, if so, call 911
In case of a fall and it is not an emergency call the Fire Department business number 916-645-4040 and request Citizen Assist.  They will help getting person up.
Do you need transportation  non- emergency, call Neighbors in Deed  916-223-2763.  Or Seniors First

  • Keep a list of pertinent information for responders (i.e. on refrigerator)

  • Medical Group name that you are a member of

  • Dr. phone number

  • Critical medication

  • Children, name and phone numbers

  • Pet care, if you have a backup name and number

  • Your personal emergency contacts